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Thank you parents for all you do. You are the glue that holds NJYC together.

Tips for Parenting a Teen

1. Show them you love them by not just giving them THINGS: although teens enjoy the things you may buy them. Most teens only really want You, Your ATTENTION and AFFECTION.

2.Give your teen growing room: you the parent, have already laid the foundation for your teen to make their own personal decisions. It is very important that they have their own identity and independence in order to establish their role in society. As they get older, your role in their lives will change. Even through their growth you must always be their parent 1st and strive to keep them safe and protected which is every parents 1st priority. You also as a parent MUST understand when to SPEAK,WATCH and LISTEN to your teen.

3.Give plain and clear instructions of what your expectations are of them: if your teen lives in a two parent home make sure both adults are on the same page regarding your expectations and disciplinary consequences before you discuss them with your teen. Monitor and reinforce your household rules as needed.

  • Chores - How should they be completed, how often and why?

  • Discipline - Stick to a particular punishment as a concrete consequence of disobedience.

  • Academics - Express why achieving good grades are important? Get them the proper academic tutor or study partner if needed.

  • Fashion - Let them know which clothing items are appropriate, teach your teen it's OK to be an individual, take pride in having their own style.

  • Friends - Encourage your teens to choose their friends carefully and to remember they never have to prove themselves to anyone.

4.Give responsibilities with every privilege: just as on your job when you are valued your leadership awards you with a promotion. It is a great idea to use this same concept by rewarding your teen privileges based on their performance.

Teens WATCH what you do much more than they listen to what you SAY.

6. Be transparent with your teen: don't be ashamed to share some of your memories and adolescent mistakes.

7. Give positive feed back and encouragement often: don't let the only impression in your teens eyes be one of you forcibly correcting them.

8. Encourage their friends to come over for movie or pizza night: getting to know their friends and their backgrounds will allow you to meet their parents once time permits.

9. Give clear and direct guidance regarding the use of drugs, sex, abuse of any type, alcohol and cellphones: don't become a broken record when telling your teen about the circumstances of life, but be sure your concerns are understood. Likewise, remember and understand that they will make their own mistakes in an effort to realize exactly who they are and where you are coming from. Your goal is to point them in the right direction, but do remember that in the end it is up to them to choose it. Remember communication is a two way street and that no matter what happens you must reassure them you love them and will be there for them along their journey through life!

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